Indianapolis Forensic Accountant

Indianapolis Forensic Accountant

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Individuals who live in highly-populated metropolitan areas like Indianapolis, often discover they require the services of a trustworthy forensic accounting firm. In the event they have experienced any of the following circumstances:

  • Someone stealing from their business;
  • Someone stealing from an estate to which they are an heir or beneficiary; or
  • Their partner or spouse hiding assets during a divorce proceeding,it is time for them to make the acquaintance of the professionals at Forensic Accounting.  Both business owners and residents in Indianapolis can be assured that a forensic accountant from our firm will provide them with the expert scrutiny they need to avert any of the above circumstances from happening.

Indianapolis Forensic Accounting

In fact, not only will Forensic Accounting’s extraordinary certified fraud examiner (CFE) meet the expectations of Indianapolis clients, but we will most likely surpass them.  We are able to provide our professional accounting services to clients outside of our immediate area, so distance is never an obstacle to receiving the best forensic accounting imaginable.  We are able to request access to the following:

  • Bank statements;
  • Financial statements;
  • Proof of assets and liabilities; and
  • Witnesses.

Consequently, with a certified fraud examiner on their team, Indianapolis clients and employers can be confident that Forensic Accounting will be responsible in removing insidious fraud and prevent it from infiltrating their accounts.

Indianapolis Certified Fraud Examiner

Furthermore, our forensic accounting team, together with our certified fraud examiners, have the background and talent to plot a course through all facets of our Indianapolis clients’ circumstances.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Examining all bank accounts, financial statements and tax returns;
  • Examining any changes in liabilities;
  • Interviewing all necessary parties;
  • Preparing a report of findings; and
  • Verifying existence of assets and changes in assets.

We will endeavor to reveal, investigate, and to conclude all fraud cases on behalf of our Indianapolis clients.  We are able to deliver our forensic accounting services at rates which are extremely competitive.  For more information about retaining a forensic accountant or a certified fraud examiner, call Forensic Accounting, today, at: (217) 398-8698.  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you.

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