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Chicago Forensic Accountant

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Forensic Accounting is distinguished as being the leading forensic accounting firm for residents of the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.  Chicagoans can rely upon a forensic accountant from our office to provide the exceptional forensic accounting services they deserve.  If you suspect:

  • Someone stealing from their business;
  • Someone is stealing from an estate to which you are an heir or beneficiary; or
  • Your partner or spouse is hiding assets during a divorce proceeding, the only name you need to know is Forensic Accounting. We can ensure that all of our Chicago clients receive the professional oversight to which they are entitled in order to prevent any of the above scenarios from occurring.

Chicago Forensic Accounting

Chicago residents, businesses and corporations can rest assured that with a highly-qualified and experienced certified fraud examiner (CFE) from Forensic Accounting, not only will we meet their expectations, but we will most often exceed them.  It isn’t even necessary for our certified fraud examiner to be in close proximity to the case.  That’s because we are able to conduct our forensic accounting by requesting access to:

  • Bank statements;
  • Financial statements;
  • Proof of assets and liabilities; and
  • Witnesses.

When Chicago clients and employers have a certified fraud examiner on their team, they can relax in the knowledge that Forensic Accounting will be able to quickly eradicate harmful fraud to safeguard them from financial loss.

Chicago Certified Fraud Examiner

Best of all, Forensic Accounting possesses the skills and expertise to navigate all the aspects of our Chicago clients’ cases, including the ability to:

  • Examine all bank accounts, financial statements and tax returns;
  • Examine any changes in liabilities;
  • Interview all necessary parties;
  • Prepare a report of findings; and
  • Verify existence of assets and changes in assets

Our job is to uncover, investigate, and ultimately, put an end to fraud cases.  Our forensic accounting services are both affordable and competitive.  To learn more about the benefits of having Forensic Accounting assist you, call us at: (217) 398-8698, today.  We look forward to serving your needs.

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